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A little announcement

Hey everybody
I don’t know if anybody still follows me here but I wanted to let you know that this blog is almost completely inactive.

If you still want to see my stuff follow these blogs instead (especially if you saw me reblogging tons of your stuff, it went into another blog XD)

Fandom(mainly Anime by now Free!, Shingeki no Kyojin…other stuff lots of animu)/funny stuff

Personalblog (everything that moves me on a deeper level)

Cosplaypics with superherodraw
are on

A just for fun fancy-food-and-cats-somehow-incharacter-blog for Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler.

And my new art tumblr (sketches, proper art, comissions, cosplay…)

So, feel free to follow me there :3
I try to update this blog too but I guess it won’t be as often as the others
Maybe I’ll use this one as a sort of diary? Who knows ;D
See ya till then
Max 😃



This is a giveaway for all of my awesome followers and friends. I haven’t hit a particular milestone or anything, I was just watching Free! today and thought “huh maybe I should do a Free! based giveaway.” After a few hours driving around and ten minutes on eBay here we are. Lets first lay down some rules:

  • Must be following me; Kkaroushi
  • Like it, reblog it, etc! The more times you do so the higher chance you’ll be chosen. Try not to spam your followers however ;3;!
  • When you reblog the first time write about your favorite character!(This is optional but hey it could be fun give it a try)
  • No Giveaway blogs, I’ll know and then you’ll never get anything from me ever.
  • Do not remove my original text or edit or shorten it in any way.(if you’re reblogging from mobile and turns it into a link its okay bc tumblr app is trash)
  • I will ship worldwide so everyone can join in on the super fun party.
  • The giveaway will end 12:00am EST August 30, 2014.

Now on to the fun part, the prizes! There are going to be a lot of winners because its way more fun that way (seriously don’t object to free things people). I am on a budget as a poor college student but I tried to get some prizes I thought people would enjoy.

  • To start off there will be at least 15 winners. I may have extras of some of the minifigures, so there might be more, who knows.
  • The first 10 people will get to choose either a keychain mini figure or a floaty minifigure. Along with those they will also get a print of their choice from the posters shown. I have the official fanbook so you’re going to get a glossy fullsize copy of one of the original posters.
  • The remaining 5 people will get a print of their choice from the posters shown.

See? It’s a win win for everyone. I get to give you things and that makes me happy. Both the keychains and the floaty minifigures are so cute, and yes the ones on the inner-tubes actually float and it’s the most adorable thing.

I decided that if I hit 1,500 followers by the time the giveaway ends I’ll throw in a super awesome grand prize. Not sure what it will be but it’ll be good! Maybe a iwatobi swim jacket??

Autism: Myth vs. Reality (please share, even if you are not autistic)

  • Myth:

    High-functioning autistics are superior to low-functioning autistics.

  • Reality:

    High-functioning autism is characterized on at what point the autistic child is verbal. Most "high-functioning" autistics appear more neurotypical (from here on out I will use the abbreviation "NT" to detonate someone whom is not on the autism spectrum) than "low-functioning" autistics. It does not indicate how intelligent, successful, or independent the person will be.

  • Myth:

    All high-functioning autistics are Aspies (people with Asperger's)

  • Reality:

    Nope, though all Aspies are higher functioning. That logic is not unlike saying, "All women are people, therefore all people are women".

  • Myth:

    Autistics are mentally retarded

  • Reality:

    On the contrary, autism is associated with genius. Most autistics have high IQs- and if someone is classified as mentally retarded, they cannot be diagnosed with Aspergers, NvLD, etc. as the two are mutually exclusive. In other words-autistics are not intellectually impaired in the least.

  • Myth:

    Shouldn't you say "person with autism" rather than "autistic"?

  • Reality:

    The vast majority of autistics hate person-first language. We see our autism as a fundamental part of our humanity, not a disease. A gay person does not want to be called a "person with homosexuality" nor does a woman want to be called "person with womanhood", so why call an autistic a "person with autism"?

  • Myth:

    Autistics are incapable of learning social rules.

  • Reality:

    We can learn them! It's a bit like learning a foreign language without formal instruction-it's difficult, but doable. We do it all the time. Like a non-native speaker of a language, I know I personally make mistakes from time to time, but am overall pretty fluent and can pass off as a native :)

  • Myth:

    Autistics are all pretty much the same.

  • Reality:

    Nope, not at all. Autism is a spectrum-much like the colors you see. Pink, red, blue, purple, green, black, etc. are all on the same color spectrum. So saying all autistics are the same because they are on one spectrum is a bit like saying green is the same as black because they are on the same color spectrum.

  • Myth:

    Most autistics require lifelong special care and cannot speak.

  • Reality:

    Nope, not at all. Don't get me wrong-some do, but the majority of us aren't so different from you. In fact, many people on the autism spectrum are never diagnosed!

  • Myth:

    Autistics who don't seem autistic are clearly faking.

  • Reality:

    Not at all! If you can't tell that we're autistic, it means we worked really hard to learn to look NT. Autism is a spectrum-some appear close to NT. "Charities" like Autism Speaks have perpetuated an image of us all as being hopeless burdens on society whom cannot do anything, but that is far from the case.

  • Myth:

    Autistics cannot feel emotions.

  • Reality:

    Hell no! We feel the full range of emotions, yes that includes empathy, but some of us have trouble expressing them properly. So an autistic may feel tremendous empathy but not know how to express it, and appear cold because he is just standing there.

  • Myth:

    Autistics cannot understand sarcasm nor figurative language.

  • Reality:

    Many of us have to painstakingly learn these things, but we certainly can. Look at all the analogies I made in this article alone if you don't believe me.

  • Myth:

    Autistics are burdens on society and should be "cured"

  • Reality:

    Most of us don't want a cure. There is likely no way to cure autism without eliminating the unique skills the autistic has. For example, I am hyperlexic-if I were to be "cured" I would lose my hyperlexia and be devastated. For some, becoming NT would be as devastating as becoming autistic would be for you.

  • As for burden on society- Albert Einstein, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Henry Ford, Gary Numan, Daryl Hannah, Archimedes, Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Thomas Jefferson, and Andy Warhol, just to name a few, are/were on the autism spectrum. So how useless are we?



[september 30th - october 6th]

The beginning week of October will be dedicated to raising awareness about art editing and the results it has on artists and the artist community. 



To give a brief definition, editing art is taking another person’s hard work and tweaking it to please the editor, to make it ‘more interesting’. Artists spend SO much time on their work, making it exactly fit their artistic vision, and when they’re ready to share their work with the world, people think it’s okay to take their hard work, spend two minutes ‘fixing’ it up in photoshop and get credit for it. Because that’s what art editing is— editing another person’s artwork and recieving credit and praise for it. Think about the real artist’s feelings before you even think about editing. 

Most editors get their work from pivix, a japanese art website. So with the obvious language difference, editors are unable to ask permission to edit work in the first place. So if you don’t have permission, nor are you able to ask for it, why would you think it’s okay to edit and post another persons art? 

Another point is that pixiv artists aren’t dumb. A lot of them know what tumblr is. Hell, even some of them have tumblr blogs. They don’t miss what you’re doing to their work, and that is why a lot of them take down their work and some of them never post their art again, which is a shame to lose great artists over something so stupid. 

Think of it like this— say I went downtown to New Orleans, down to the French Quarter where many artists line up on the street to display their art. Now an art editor comes around and takes a painting from one of the vendors and pulls it aside, whipping out their paintbrush and adding their own little details. The vendor watches in horror as the editor places it back, shrugging off the vendor. “It looks better doesn’t it?”

Don’t say it’s not the same thing because it is. 

Art you find on the internet does not belong to you. Unless you are the original poster, you have no right to take and edit another person’s work. It does NOT and will NEVER belong to you. Just because it is easier to access on the computer does not mean it is not as valuable as tangible art. What this all boils down to is respect. 



‘I can’t draw, this is my way of expressing myself artistically!’ 

Learn how to draw! Drawing takes time, hard work and practice. And if you’re still not finding that drawing is your thing, and hey, maybe you enjoy editing images! If you really want to edit, try editing official work. This art is made to be mass produced, and the artists are aware of this. Another alternative is stock photos— deviantART, for example, has plenty of stock photos for you to use! That’s what they’re there for!

‘We’re celebrating the artist by making tributes to their work!’

No. You’re butchering their hard work and effort by cropping, adding saturation and uneccesary textures. Ask permission, and if they say yes ( which is very rare ), then you have the green light to do so! Permission is key here.

 ’But we provide sources!’ 

That’s not the point. The point is that editing art without permission is wrong and dumb, and it goes against most artist wishes. Crediting them does not suddenly make it a-ok for you to edit their work.





NEITHER IS PHOTOBUCKET. Stop linking art there.

The internet is really handy for these kinds of things, and thats what reverse google image search and websites like SAUCENAO are for! When in doubt, keep it out. 


Don’t let editors think that what they are doing is acceptable. Here’s what you can do to help stop this:

1) DON’T REBLOG EDITS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I  LITERALLY CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. If you like the picture, repost it as original with source to actual ARTIST. We need to stop supporting editors.

2) If you know someone who edits, kindly inform them or link them to this post. Speaking up about this is essential. If you don’t let them know what they are doing is terrible, they will NOT stop. 


THANK YOU FOR READING and reblog to spread the word!

(Source: drrrtylove)

Long time no see…this happened in the meantime

Okay, apparently the update came sooner than even I suspected XD

Anyway, I just wanted to give everyone a quick summit what happened to me in the past months.

If I worried anyone, I’m truly sorry, but my life was just really really busy. >,<
The two most time consuming things first, because they are mainly the reason why I was kept away from all the nice distractions the world has to offer.

I did my Bachelor thesis or in my case better to say project. It was an 80 page sized Comic about the DC reboot and my reflection on the first 52s. 
It was A LOT of hard work and I even wasn’t that satisfied with the finished comic…well in the end I didn’t calculate enough time for the actual drawing and unfortunately it’s showing. :/ 

But I still got a 1.6 for it and I think this grade is totally okay for the 3 weeks I worked on that thing. XD 

The sad thing was, that I couldn’t participate in my last study exhibition because…well the day the exhibition took place… I was already in Japan.

Maybe you can remember my reblogs from the rainbow riders tumblr. My fiancee and me were chosen as the German World Cosplay Summit team 2012 and this summer the big journey to Nagoya finally happened! 

We were super excited -especially me. I wanted to go to Japan since I was 11 years old and 12 years later my childhood dream became true ;_ ; 

For those who wonder what the World Cosplay Summit is: Basically it’s a big meet-up of Cosplayers around the world. Every country sends a Cosplay team consisting of two persons and they represent their country in press events and a contest. 
Well, this year it was us ¦D 

As you can imagine the costumes took like…a ton of work. We had a lot of help by our fantastic friends, who really saved our asses.

It was a great time in Japan and I think I’ll post some pictures later or tell one or two tales about the time spent there. (Especially about our 10 days of vacation we were allowed to do, cause we could choose the date of our flight back home *_* 

After that I received my documents of my now finished (!) study. 
I got a 1.7 for my whole study “career” and I’m very satisfied and happy with it…for never giving 100 % this is pretty cool XD 

So as you can see I’m a BA in Communication Design now and my inner child craves to go back to Japan ASAP :) 

What happened else…? 

Ah, yes I turned 24 in Japan XD 
My stupid sister gave birth to her sickening cute son Fabrice Antony (Unfortunately I’m not so happy about the situation…long story…
…and I hate that name. It sounds incredibly stupid in Germany and with our horrible surname…) 

My mom disappointed me like…woah, coming along with dad greatly after having a quite big…argument…

Aaaand I’m unemployed and fighting with the different authorities to get money XD 

Of course, they were some things that should go unmentioned although they were just as important. Making and breaking friendships, taking a showgroup break-and then again not
…and all the normal craziness that happens in a (Cosplaying) geeks life. 

Yep, I’m definitely okay :) 

Next goals:
-find work 
-still do a loooooot of costumes
-draw more
-post more 
-organize myself and my I-net presence better

Sounds like a plan, hu? ;) 
(we will see how much of it will happen ^^;)

Admiring a hero - Coulson fic

A little Coulson appreciation fic…have no idea why I write bad fic but well…mainly to amuse Thortilla (oh and yes, Superherodraw too ) XD

No beta-reader whatsoever…hope you still like that hastily written piece ^^;

Title: Admiring a hero

Characters/Fandom: Phil Coulson / Marvel-Movie-Verse

Warnings: Implied masturbation/sexual fantasies (and with that I mean fantasies of Captain America XD)

Summary: Phil Coulson always had an hero…

Trainee Phil Coulson felt exhausted and still wired from his training in his squeaking bed. He didn’t ask himself the first time why he was doing this to himself. ‘You ain’t military material’ His father’s voice still echoed in his head. But it was his fault in the end.

Because Phil knew damn well why he wanted to be part of S.H.I.E.L.D., why he wanted to be Special Agent Coulson…

It all started with a very special birthday gift.

He was six and his father said that he was old enough to value things now. Phil haven’t understood any of this way back then but what he understood was that the gift box contained the most special treasure of his life…

Coulson looked over at his bedside table and opened the drawer, and his fingers felt his treasure between them…

…his first original Captain America card.

It was plastic-bagged (of course) but he didn’t have the heart to leave it at home with the hard training coming…

He looked again at the Captain’s smile, an encouraging charming smile with a hint of uneasiness. Captain America has always been his hero, his inspiration. Nothing was impossible anymore when he looked at his treasure. Phil bit his bottom lip as he traced the card with his fingers, traced Cap’s almost too perfect features. He closed his eyes just to open them again, frowning at himself.

It was one of those nights…

When he would feel just a bit too inspired, too full with adrenaline, too hot. He would touch himself desperately, imaging how his hero would claim him, holding him and come to his rescue…

…as so many times before…

Phil gasped quietly.

Yes he learned to value things. More than he should. And he would always admire his hero…always.

Years later when Captain America was found and he was standing beside the man of his childhood (and wet dreams to be completely honest) he did the only thing that was acceptable for a man in his position: He swooned and later made everyone clear this never happened.

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